Dental Tip of the Day

For those of you who live or work in and around the Nicholasville, Kentucky area you can find a treat of a dentist in Dr. Hinkle. No one really wants to go to the dentist, but you wasn't find a friendlier one in the Bluegrass area. When you leave you might actually find yourself thinking "That's was nice, I wasn't wait to go back. What the heck was I just thinking? I can wait to go back its then dentist. Ohh I can't believe I just thought that, I am so ashamed." The added bonus about going into the dentist in Nicholasville is that since the teeth to people ration is slightly lower then in other parts of the country you don't have to worry about waiting in line. And did I talk about price yet? Dr. H is cheap, I've heard about a family of 4 getting out of there for under $300, and I paid less than $80 just for myself. That is great for those of us without a dental insurance, but for those who do have dental insurance, here is a bonus tip thanks to Jay: Always check to see if your dentist is part of your coverage area, cause down home doctor Hink isn't.


Kris said…
Does Dr. Hinkle not take any insurance? Do you have one of these cheep docs for eye care? Us teachers, who are influencing future generations, and are suppose to be able to see all....have no eye care plans!
Pete said…
Ole Doc HENKLE does take insurance, in fact, but I learned the hard way that he was NOT included on my insurance's list of approved doctors. So, I've been paying $16 a month for almost two years, and insurance only paid $16 for my visit. He does accept virtually ALL insurance, but that doesn't mean all insurance companies accept him as a primary person.
Kris said…
Yeah, I would say always call your insurance company with a list of 4 or 5 docs that you would like to have as your primary to check and see if they're on the list.
CGrim said…
wn't wan't ponus thatsince?

Tip: When blogging under the influence of outside chemicals, it's a good idea to spellcheck :)

My job provides no health coverage whatsoever. Living dangerously!
Jay said…
Pete's second comment here was actually ME, Jason. I guess Pete was logged in on my computer. :-) Sorry for any and all confusion!
Pete said…
You better be Jay

Also in regards to the spelling mishap, for some reason Jason's computer didn't alert me of my spelling errors. So once again we'll blame it on Jay.

And Citizen Grim, you better watch yourself, that's the kind of comment that can get you volunteered to be an editor here at Pete & Jay Enterprises.
Jay said…
Um, Pete, my Safari did have spell-check turned on... maybe you just didn't notice the little red underline. Or maybe you were using Firefox.™ Either way--NOT my fault!™

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