Ironing Tip of the Day

Let's face it, we all hate ironing. So here's a couple of solutions to help lessen the hardship of this horrible chore. First, try wearing the shirt wrinkly. Insist "I swear I got it at American Eagle and it's a distressed shirt that's supposed to be wrinkled." That will work a few times. When people continue to publicly mock you, throw the shirt in the dryer with a wet wash cloth (how you get the wash cloth wet is up to you). It'll be "the diet coke of wrinkle-free." If that doesn't suffice, try that spray de-wrinkler stuff (and let me know if it works). Finally, if you MUST iron, I suggest making Saturday or Sunday an "ironing day," as horrible as it sounds. Basically, get a week's worth of clothes that need ironed and go nuts. You'll wake up each morning with a delighted smile on your face because you're not only pressed for time, your clothes are pressed as well! (This is in the running for the THE worst pun ever.) Finally, you can always find a friend who likes ironing (and they seriously do exist) or contact Willa to hear from "the Ironing Lady."


Amanda said…
Very appropriate Jason. I made Sunday my ironing day this week. I do hate ironing too. It seems like such a waste. So, don't call me if you want a shirt ironed.
Kris said…
Yeah, that's better than leaving the ironing board up all week so you don't make it squeek really loud and wake up your later-sleeping roommate.
For whatever reason, I haven't been able to get tip o da day at work this week :( I'm all bummed out.
Stephanie said…
Wow, I think I just got a COMPLETELY new injection of motivation for watching my dental hygiene.

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