Texting Tips of the Day

For those of you who may not have lost your wallet, keys and pants but still have your cell phone with you you might appreciate a couple of kinda geeky but kinda cool things. If you want to send a text message to yourself or someone else but don't want to fiddle through trying to type on a numpad check out this little page from Google. (A little note, where it says "Select your phone's cellular carrier", you actually need to select the carrier of the person your sending the message to.) Some of us just have to have that kind of fucntionality in a Widget, and there are widgets avaible for sending text messages to Verizon customers for both Dashboard and Konfabulator. Or if that kind of stuff is child's play for ya and you actually want to get the weather, find the meaning of a word or just wanna know the zip codes of the town your in check out Yahoo! Mobile. Also, each individual cellular carrier has their own set of tricks up their sleeve, check out your carrier's website.


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