Receipt Tip of the Day

So we all have millions of receipts, and well we might not think we'll ever need any of them, and well in most cases you are right. But you never know when your favorite gadget or gizmo might have a class action lawsuit filed on your behalf because a particular aspect of it doesn't live up to advertised claims. The problem comes when you need to prove that you actually purchased and didn't steal said gadget, well that becomes tricky if it was a gift. So those, be it parents or whomever, should just get over the fact that its ok for you to know how much they spent. (You can look it up on eBay anyway) Well, say that they were thinking ahead and did give you the reciept, well then you should probably put it someplace where you might actually find it again. Now you can't live you life with a million receipts, at least without a few of these, so you have to choose wisely. If you need help consult our handy-dandy guide below:
  • Receipts for donuts = throw out
  • Receipts for iPods = keep


Kris said…
I guess I'd better locate those old donut reciepts so that I can throw them out! Thanks Pete!
Stephanie said…
One of the things I've learned from my favorite magazine in the whole wide world is to keep one of those expandable files that has a slot for each month. Into the file go paid bills, receipts for big things (or little things like iPods), etc. It's very handy, especially since I don't have a desk at home. I empty it out once a year, methodically sorting out the various types of bills and replacing the prior year's bills in a tucked-away file cabinet.

Anyway...any chance the fourth generation iPods will have a class action lawsuit? This week, I'm mailing my second one back because it is truly as fried as the first. I'm not sure what kind of force my body must emit, but apparently it's enough to wig out an iPod. Ridiculous.
Kris said…
Wow, that's crazy! I had no idea that you had even fried your first one.

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