Running Tip of the Day

The mileage on our bodies is like the mileage on our cars; the further we go, the more maintenence we need. One way to keep ourselves healthy is to change our shoes as often as we would, say change the oil on our car. Just like each car is different, and takes oil changes at different times...some 3,000 miles, and some can go 6,000, different shoes are the same way. While Nike recommends that you change your shoes every 300 miles, New Balance recommends a 500 mile change. So, when you go to buy your shoes, ask how many miles those shoes are rated for (or better yet, do your research before you hit the store), and make sure to keep track of how many miles you have run in those shoes.


Jay said…
Or, you can do what I did, and run in a pair of shoes SO long that your legs hurt after EACH run! (Actually, I wouldn't recommend that). If you don't want to be anal about counting mileage, just wait until you start to see some wear on the soles of the shoes. That's when it's time to get your next pair of Brooks, Mizunos or New Balances!

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