Gift Giving Tip of the Day

At some point the person you are dating will have a birthday. Always make sure you know when this day is and plan accordingly. Pay attention to what they like or something that has some significance for them. If they like a certain band, sport, animal, movie, restaurant, or activity get them something or take them somewhere that will show you were listening. Ex. If they are a huge Dave Matthews fan get them concert tickets, a poster, or a CD. Try to pick something they will like and shows you care but isn't weird...(i.e. If you are dating a girl and you know she really likes to eat salad it probably isn't a good idea to get her a bag of "fresh from the farmer's market" bag of vegetables complete with the dirt). If you are going to get a girl something that grows out of the ground, make sure it's a flower.
-Lalah DeSha


Anonymous said…
it's always a bummer when you have high expectations for a gift on some type of holiday or birthday and you receive something like a mug! i don't even drink coffee and very rarely use a mug! i dated the guy for 7 years off and on and he still bought me a mug! moral to lalah's tip is... PAY ATTENTION BOYS!

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