Work Sweater Tip of the Day

The thing about modern offices is that they are over-air conditioned. So even if it's a nasty hot August afternoon outside, it's probably a polar ice cap in your cubicle. The return from lunch is the worst part; if you've been outside, thawing for any length of time, the refrigerator that is your office will seem that much colder. The solution is to have a sweater, just like Mr. Rogers, that you leave at work all the time. In my case, a Gortex sleeping bag and an insulated down coat would barely make a dent. I add fingerless gloves in extreme circumstances. My tip is this: make sure your office sweater is the right combination of old/ratty and presentable. You want to make sure no one notices it or wants to steal it, but you can't very well be sporting pilly fleece with embroidered Christmas decorations in front of management and maintain any kind of dignity. It's all about balance.


JCo said…
I've got my Mr. Rogers sweater hanging over the back of my chair just waiting for the sun to stop shining through the window so I put it on. It is completely necessary in these air tight buildings. What ever happened to windows that actually open??
Jay said…
My office is SO old (in an old little house) and at any given time of the year, the temperature could vary up to 30 degrees in one day. I try to keep a smattering of clothes here for all conditions. :-)
Kris said…
We have air conditioning systems that try to fake us out with individual units. We have "controls" on the walls that really control nothing, but they do tell you just how cold it is. The truth is that we're on the same unit as about 3 or 4 other rooms.
Thanks to my brother, my house is somewhat cold all the time, and my classroom...6 degrees colder! What happened to just plain having windows! The man who works next to me has windows, so his room is like 2 degrees warmer than mine, but he's hot at 65!
So, do I have a Mr. Rogers sweater, no, my kids would tease me to no end, but, I do have a handy jean jacket to warm me up, even if only a little.

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