Floral Tip of the Day

Whether you're just in the doghouse, or want to do something nice for a gal, it's important to use flowers. (That's a freebie...girls of all types LOVE flowers. Even if they're not "girly girls." Trust me.) Here's the 50-cent tip. When you pick up the flowers and they're looking all purty, you need to sort of stand them up so they don't get smooshed. But, if you have cats, gerbils, SUGAR GLIDERS and the like, they may see interesting flowers and baby's breath as a fun new toy. (See illustration below)

So, we have developed a great flower holster for anyone to use. Simply put the flowers atop your kitchen "chandelier" and they'll hold the flowers well above the reach of most pets, and also keep the flowers from getting crushed.


vander said…
That is the kittenest kitten I've ever seen.

Jay, this is the perfect solution, because it wouldn't work the other way. If you put the kitten on the chandelier and the flowers on the table, wacky antics would soon ensue. Your quick thinking has prevented disaster, for sure.
Kris said…
What is it about that sugar glider?
JCo said…
Pablo is cuter than that sugar glider.
LDB said…
haha! great idea...I'll remember that idea when I RECEIVE flowers to make sure my sugar glider doesn't get ahold of them.
vander said…
My sugar glider sleeps on the chandelier; what am I supposed to do?
JCo said…
Vander Molen - Hide the flowers under your bed.

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