Yellow Tip of the Day

While I realize this tip is more vulnerable than most people tend to be, it's also ME we're talking about, so you shouldn't be surprised. That being said, read at your own risk. So, I've never been a heavy sweater. I sweat a little, but not a lot. So I was always surprised that my undershirts would yellow in the arms. Because I didn't sweat too much, I used to wear my undershirts a couple days before washing them. I always did the smell test, but figured undershirts weren't EXACTLY underwear. You can disagree if you want. Anyway, what's my point? My point is, I recently bought a new batch of undershirts, and with a new lease on life decided to only wear undershirts for one day before retiring them. I noticed that the yellowing is no longer an issue! This leads me to my tip. Only wear undershirts for one day. ALSO, I heard rumors that the yellowing is caused not from sweat but from the deodorant itself! So, if you see someone with pitted out yellow shirts, feel free to peruse, caress, or stroke their underarm because it's the deodorant that's causing the nastiness! In related news, you have GOT to see this blog on a very similar topic. HILARIOUS stuff. Some people care more about pits than we do!


Jules said…
What has happened to the Tip O Da Day site?! It's 4 PM on a Friday and Jay has provided us with another lovely TMI post to gaggle over, and there isn't a single comment. Everyone must be busy teaching or hanging out in Wyoming or sumpin.
Kris said…
Jules...I like the new pic. Yeah, the first few weeks are tough. You can't get away from the kids to comment. No worries though, we'll be up and posting in no time!

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