House Buying Tip of the Day

No, we have not all gotten the first house we put a bid on, in fact, most of us didn't. But, when we did get "the call", everything went semi-smooth from that point on. Our inspections went fine, and the people fixed what we asked them to before moving in. My advice to you? Be careful. Things do not always go quite this way. Make very sure you have a clear statement in your contract that upon inspection, if there is something wrong with the house, and the current owner refuses to fix it or have it fixed, then you are not obligated to purchase the house. Some people are just jerks and will threaten to sue regardless if you attempt to back out of their bum deal. So, when buying a house, go with friends, family, an experienced realtor, much caution and prayer. Make sure you are with someone who can at least spot the obvious flaws, and hire a very thurough inspector to catch the smaller things.


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