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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Traffic Tip of the Day

Never, ever, ever slow down to let someone in oncoming traffic turn left in front of you when you're on a four lane road. Just because you stopped doesn't mean the driver next to you will do the same. Play Frogger at home, boys and girls, not during rush hour. It's actually the opposite of helpful and jacks up traffic for everyone else.


Blogger Pete said...

This is actually exactly how my dad got in a motorcycle accident. Thanks for the tip Vander Molen, glad to have you on board!

26 April, 2005 22:17

Blogger vander said...

20 seconds of Frogger and I'm already addicted. Thanks for the link, Peter.

27 April, 2005 09:10

Blogger Kris said...

Now THIS is a tip for my students! We've only had 2 and a half weeks since the break, and already 3 of my kids in a wreck. One as a result of being the person in this tip who didn't slow down!

27 April, 2005 11:38

Blogger JCo said...

I spent my lunch break swerving traffic with that little frog while memories of childhood danced in my head. Thanks Peter!

27 April, 2005 13:57

Blogger vander said...

Frogger brings back childhood memories, for sure. I have to confess, though, that a mere two weeks ago I visited my parents and what did my brother and I do? We spent an unhealthy amount of time rigging up the old Atari 800 and playing Frogger, PacMan, and Breakout in the basement. If anyone ever needs to win a high-noon showdown game of Breakout, by the way, I'm your girl.

27 April, 2005 14:41

Blogger Jay said...

All of my favorite 8-bit gaming memories involve blowing out Nintendo cartridges until I'm blue in the face. You just don't have that same functionality with today's gaming systems. :-(

27 April, 2005 17:37

Blogger Heather said...

I just want to represent the Seinfeld fans out there with all this Frogger talk. Remember the episode where George tries to move a Frogger arcade machine across a busy NYC street? Anyone?

OH, and Jay, you're not alone on the Nintendo thing-- wasn't it satisfying to know that your efforts were the reason the game worked?

28 April, 2005 12:55

Blogger Rnutt said...

Well, I have to say that I myself am a Pac-Man fan and was so excited when they invented the new game cubes with the old games in them. If you ever need a pac-man fix come on over! (sorry no Frogger)

28 April, 2005 14:50


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