Alarm Tip of the Day

For those of you that still use the old fashion mechanisms to wake up in the morning as I do. You may want to rethink your choice and here is why. This week it is extremely important for me to put in hours at work because of weekend company (and weekend here meaning Friday afternoon.) So I put my trust in the clock radio sitting on my dresser that it will wake me up each and every morning. Well, the alarm clock is utterly worthless if the power goes out (as it did last night while I was sleeping.) So I had no idea that my alarm was out of commission until this morning when I woke to birds chirping and sunshine beaming through the window – what…sunshine that can’t be right...I should get up when it is still pretty dark out! A quick look at a blinking 12:00 on the alarm makes me aware of the situation…power outage and therefore no alarm and an unexpected sleep in, which messes up the work week hours-wise. Geez. Well, there is a lesson hidden in all unfortunate events right? Don’t be so reliant on electricity; you never know what may happen in the middle of the night! Use those cell phone alarms, battery powered alarms and such…you won’t regret it!


Kris said…
Another option is to get an alarm clock that sets the time acording to an outside signal. That way, it resets. If it has a back-up battery, the alarm time will remain as you need it.
For those of us in education...waking up late is not really an option. Rachel and I have found out that if it happens, chances are, your collegues will call just as school is starting! 10 days left until 10 days left!
Stephanie said…
Another tip to piggyback on this one: If you are on the road or house sitting and you have to wear earplugs to bed for one reason or another, make sure you raise the volume on your alarm! I remember waking to the muffled "Hallelujah Chorus" alarm on my phone after it had been going off for 30 minutes.
Pete said…
To try to counteract this problem, I have one of those alarm clocks that you can stick a 9-Volt Battery in. It's supposed to keep the time if the power goes out, but the only problem is it doesn't work. Oh well, makes for a good excuse for sleeping a little extra. At least you don't feel as stupid as if you just set your alarm clock for PM instead of AM. Which I have done before and missed my first BIG meeting for work.

Kris, where do you get new fashion mechanisms like that? And how many hundreds of dollars are they?
Kris said…
I'll ask my mom, but it's cool because you can set a different alarm for weekend and during the week.
Kris said… and they cost between $60 and $100.

~Thanks to my mom for that one

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