Break Tip of the Day

To avoid getting stale and stiff at your desk, they say to get up and walk around and stretch. What if you don't have any real purpose for walking around (read: you have waaaay too much to do to appear idle. How do the smokers get away with it?)? Well, just keep hydrating yourself. We already know that the continual water consumption helps flush out impending illness for some people and we know that it promotes all around good health and healthier skin, to boot! Well, to give yourself needed breaks, just keep refilling that cup all day long. Chances are, if you've emptied it, it's time for a little break and a walk to the water cooler area. For variety, visit different water coolers around the building. Of course all that water will go South so you'll be up for other trips as well and you'll never get office sour.


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