Salon Tip of the Day

Going into a salon with long hair is dangerous business, especially if you intend to keep the hair you came in with. My theory is that the stylists get a little grandiose when they see all that raw material - so you go in with hair to your waist and come out with a crew cut. But you can trim it yourself easily if you have long hair. Avoid the stick-straight-with-heavy-bangs haircut unless you're really attractive. Some cuts only look good on Jennifer Garner. However, if you want to trim your own hair without that I-just-got-a-haircut look and you own scissors and a set of hot rollers, you're set. Park yourself in front of the mirror and roll your hair as usual, but pull each chunk of hair up from the scalp, comb it, and hack off an inch or so before you roll it. (The rolling just gets the already-trimmed hair out of your way.) Does this work? Depends. If you have ever thought, "Dude, there is something WRONG with vander molen's hair - - what the crap did she DO?" then the answer is no. If you've never noticed that I got a haircut, then it totally does.


JCo said…
K-Ris, ironic, we were just talking about hair cuts yesterday. I think you and Van Molen can definitely alter your cut so you are happy with it. VM sounds experienced in these matters.
Pete said…
Ya, that is ironic, I wonder how that happened ;-)
vander said…
Kris, you could probably let someone in your class trim your hair for extra credit. Just make sure you get pictures.
Kris said…
First...I don't think I'd trust anyone in my class to get near me with sissors.
Second...Vandermolen, you do sound experienced, could you fix my hair on Sunday?

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