Downtime Tip of the Day

Feeling the need to add downtime to your day? Planning a trip to a major city soon? If you have answered "yes" to these questions, then this tip is for you. The best way to waste a few hours of your day(or night) is to drive around a major metropolis without a map. Preferably it would be one like Boston that is very non-commital about its street signs. You might happen upon the occasional street sign, but your odds aren't that great. Also, your mapless drive through the city would be accented by the Big Dig, the most unsuccessful construction venture in history. Hopefully, the Big Dig would force you to take countless detours that lead to nowhere and create forever traffic jams, even at one in the morning. Another perk of having no map could be ending up in the suburbs surrounding Boston, when really your goal is to make it to Cambridge to pick up your friends who have been awake for 20 hours straight. But of course they won't mind waiting a little more. Now, you could ask for directions whenever you get off track, which is what I suggest, because they will inevitably be incorrect. This will help you waste as much time as possible. When you make it to your tired friends, just smile and know that you've added a few hundred miles to your car, plus had a nice chunk of time to consider the mysteries of the universe.


Anonymous said…
Ah, nothing like driving in the city. .. Just commenting to say hi, and perhaps add a couple colleged aged viewers to this ring of tippers. over and out -Travis (the bro of the "Steph Church")

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