Pranking Tip Of The Day

In America these days, we've all become accustomed to meaningless, idle chit chat, especially when beginning or ending a phone conversation. This prank plays into this phenomenon.

If you're near someone on the phone, you can pull this prank ANY time. It works best if the person is talking to a business contact, a person they've just started dating, and definitely when it's a member of the same sex. Here's what you do. When the conversation is wrapping up, get really close to the person's "open" ear and whisper, "I love you, I love you..." again and again. Because it's hard to listen to two people at the same time, and because we so often end conversations with loved ones with "I love you," you're almost guaranteed to hear a slip-up.

Now, imagine how uncomfortable if you said this to...say...your BOSS. "Sure, I'll get that done as soon as I get into work. Ok, I love you--I mean...I...don't love you...I mean, you're a great person, but...SHOOT!" Or, what about that girl that you've taken out for just one date? "Um, ok, so I'll pick you up around 8. I love you--I mean, I don't love you...I love you as a friend, but you're more than a friend...Um, I, UH..."

You can see...this is a fun prank for young and old.


Jay said…
I agree! I wanted to have a link to a "young woman" but trust me, googling "young woman" probably is NOT a good idea.
Stephanie said…
If anyone uses this tip today, please comment! I'd like to hear the results.

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