Sunny Tip of the Day

This one's to all our faithful readers in Miss Sundheimer's "some-kind-of-science" class! Aight, peepz. Here's the deal. When you're in high school, you've just gotta know that ZITS are inevitable. EVERYONE gets them. EVERYONE. But word to the wise--when you see that first nasty date-killer, don't run to the store for OXY PADS or some rough astringent. Just relax. You're going to fight acne the natural way. You see, my theory (and I'm no dermatologist) is that most people's skin is far too sensitive for that bacteria-fighting over-the-counter stuff you can buy. So, because of it, I predict that your skin will break out more from using it. A friend of mine gave me the advice to stop using ALL medicine on my face. And when I did, that's when I finally stopped breaking out. I stopped using the following products: Retin-A, Cleocin, Clearasil, Oxy, etc. and started using a great mild soap called "Purpose," available at Walmart. It did wonders. The other tip I'd advise is to thoroughly wash your hands right before you wash your face. This will prevent you spreading all the nastiness you collect while doing experiments in Miss Sundheimer's class. (You don't want Hydrochloric Acid or Sulphur Dioxide on your face, trust might have to use Miss Sundheimer's emergency shower) Finally, when you're in the "healing" stage, try to avoid looking in mirrors. The more your see your face, the more discouraged you may get, and that stress will also induce breakouts.


vander said…
Boys and girls, your uncle Jay is absolutely right. All those OTC chemicals will probably eat your flesh off. And are they FDA regulated? Hmmmm. My personal choice is organic and has a natural oil in it - Burt's Bees Orange Oil Facial Cleanser. Perhaps a science teacher can tell us why putting an oil on a broken-out face works better than drying it with chemicals?

Of course, I might be a mutant, which renders my skin care advice highly questionable. Jury's still out.
Anonymous said…
And here we see the true power of the purpose-driven life!

-The Dark Scrivener
vander said…
You know, if I wasn't thoroughly opposed to any and all uses of the phrase "think outside the box", there would be many good jokes to be made about that picture.

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