Loungewear Tip of the Day

This one's for anybody who is a) male b) owns pants, boxers, or any type of sportswear in polar fleece material or c)--most dangerously--both.

For boys and men alike (and all those in between), fleece is not an advisable choice of lower-body wear, and should be avoided at all costs if attending or participating in a co-ed soiree. Polar Fleece (of Gap, Old Navy and American Eagle fame) is clingy. It doesn't hold its shape well. It likes to lay flat, flush against the skin. It is, in a word, AWKWARD. So guys, don't wear it on your lower extremities. Wear all the pullovers your little hearts desire. Heck, buy out Old Navy's Deal of the Week so they'll stop playing those annoying commercials. But for the love of decency, and for sake of your female friends, girlfriends, wives, and even enemies, don't wear fleece pants, skorts, culottes, or shorts in front of them. And ladies, if you have any sense about you, don't let the guys in your life borrow or try on yours. Consider this a preventative measure. You'll be glad you did.



Jay said…
If you haven't yet, check out the embedded hyperlinks in this post--they are stinkin' hilarious!
Stephanie said…
I think I can safely say that I've never actually seen the word "culottes" (not to be confused with calottes, which apparently are skullcaps). I figured the word was spelled "cool-lots." Because they weren't shorts, and they weren't skirts, but they kept you cool out on the playground when you went to a private primary school that wouldn't tolerate shorts (and you could wear them safely on the jungle gym!).

I can also safely say that I've never been exposed to the type of polarfleece faux pas you describe. Thank you for the warning. I'll steer clear out of the room next time I sense an approaching unmatched-chromosome individual wearing such a garment!

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