Working Tip of the Day

So, its the weekend and most of us don't have to work, but there are times when we shouldn't be at work but we have to. When those unfortunate times come it's all a mental game to keep from getting mad that you're working late. We just get so used to leaving at 5:00/5:30 that anything later seems late. No one wants to work late, but when you do, realize that 8 O'Clock really isn't that late. Keep your eye off the clock, crank the music and just pretend like its normal. Plus, you might have the added bonus of getting comp/overtime. That should get you through the night, just don't do too good of a job convincing yourself.


Stephanie said…
Thanks, Pete, for the tip. I will keep that in mind as I'm pushing out stories on cartilage remodeling and the biomechanics and jump training this weekend.
JCo said…
Peter, is this tip for me because of all my grumbling about working late?

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