Pre-Ichthus Tip of the Day

Get over any dislike of mud. Find old shoes. Old pants. Warm socks. And a raincoat. Here's why: Check out the weather forecast for Ichthus 2005. Do I seriously see SNOW on Sunday? :-(


Kris said…
And if you go Thursday, leave early and find the back way in, or you may get stuck outside the gate!
JCo said…
I think you may need some mittens, a scarf and toboggan as well and you might throw in galoshes too!
Stephanie said…
Pack your rain gear, kids. ;-)
Jay said…
First off, Steph's picture link is HILARIOUS! It looks like something I've seen Sydney Bristow in from Alias. Second, what is the dilly yo with Kentucky's BI-POLAR weather?! This is crazy! Beautiful this morning, but in only a few hours, nature's fury is unleashed!
vander said…
When good weather goes bad at Ichthus, you're really only set if you have a haz-mat suit or a submarine. Let me say from experience, though, that three things will save you much consternation:

1. camping chair - no matter what the weather, three days of sitting on lumpy grass or gravel or mulch or swampy marsh will be unpleasant
2. plastic tarp - a bevy of uses. Doubles as seating, shelter, superhero cape. Instant waterproofing for yourself and your belongings.
3. poncho - You're thinking, wouldn't a golf umbrella be better? No. Do not carry lightning rods to Ichthus. Plus, we all know that when it monsoons during the festival, the crowds will be wandering up and down that main drag, packed like sardines and as mournful as cattle. You'll poke someone's eye out and fifteen people will want to share the umbrella with you, so you'll all get wet.

Contrary to popular belief, it has actually been nice weather at Ichthus once or twice. Um, twice. '97 was pristine and 2003 was sunny enough that I promised myself I'd never, ever, ever go again. Cherish the memories. Stay warm if you go!
Stephanie said…
Teresa, your comments crack me up!

Jay, now we know what to get you for your birthday--you can match Sydney B in your stylin' rain gear.

Everyone will be relieved to note that the word "snow" has left Sunday's forecast. Never mind that there will still be a low of 31 on Saturday.
Kris said…
And true to form, the weather is suppose to improve again on Monday!
Rachel C. Clay said…
We'll survive the weather! :) After all, "Let it Rain!"

Those of you who didn't come out last night missed a great concert (Newsboys) and AWESOME weather. It was so beautiful last night!

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