Traveling Tip of the Day

A friend and I recently traveled to Boston to take in the sights and cheer for some friends running the Boston Marathon. Our flight arrived at 11:30 am and the plan was to spend the rest of the day in the city. The problem was that we were relying on public transportation for the weekend and our free hotel (garnered with Marriott points) was a few subway stops and a 25 minute train ride away ($7 round trip per person). Taking our luggage all the way back to our hotel was NOT an efficient use of our precious Boston time. So instead we walked in to the first nice hotel we came upon downtown, and checked our bags with the bellhop (bonus: remember to tip $1 per bag). If you act like you know what you're doing, they'll never question whether you're staying there or not. When we were ready to go to our REAL hotel, we simply popped back in the Park Plaza, claimed our bags, and went on our merry way. When trying to get away with such things, it never hurts to be as adorable as possible.


JCo said…
That is a GREAT tip Julie! And remember folks, nothing is more convincing than CONFIDENCE!
Stephanie said…
Wow! I'd never thought of doing this. I wonder if it works in London?
Kris said…
And Jules, between you and your friends (all of us females included), it just doesn't get much more adorable!
Heather said…
Hey Julie, I went to the Marathon too! I hope you guys had a good lookout with the gazillions of people. My aunt and I were stuck behind a bunch of people on lawn chairs!

That's some good time-saving travel advice about the hotel stuff!
Jules said…
Heather - Awesome! We were at the mile 25 marker - right under the Citgo sign at Kenmore square. Since we got there at like 11:30 am, we had a spot right up against the barriers. We were definitely the loudest and most obnoxious cheerers in our section. :)

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