Time Tip of the Day

If you value your weekend sleep, don't make a commitment at 8:00am on a Sunday in April before checking to see if it's the morning when you're supposed to "Spring Forward."

Bonus points if you know why this tip was "posted" at the time it was.


Rachel C. Clay said…
Umm...is't that the official time that daylight savings time begins?
Bonus Points to the person who can tell me the original person who suggested Daylight Savings time!
Jay said…
Ben Franklin, correct? And did you know that the reason for this ever-so-confusing, and schedule-destroying phenomenon is actually to conserve power to raise money for the war? It was during World War I and people would be able to stay up longer without using their electricity. Click here for a history of DST.
Jay said…
OH, and just for the record, I didn't know any of that before I researched it this morning...or this afternoon, whatever it "TECHNICALLY" is now. :-)
Rachel C. Clay said…
Congratulations Jay! You get an A+ with Bonus points! I am very impressed. It was Ben Franklin! Some of you may have learned this tidbit of information from watching this past year's hit National Treasure which includes a comment about Ben Franklin and Daylight Savings time.
Jules said…
Uh, was National Treasure, technically a hit? And does Jason get bonus points if he technically had to research it first? And can Googling something technically be called "research?"

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