101st Tip of the Day

For our 101st tip ever, we would like to review what we've learned so far:

  1. Don't cook cookies on a stove

  2. Send people e-mail at random times

  3. iTunes has free songs

  4. Pete & Jay don't know a lick of German

  5. Vacuum up good smells

  6. Blame B.O. on a coworker

  7. Wear colored undershirts

  8. Holes in gloves are better then no gloves at all

  9. Blogger doesn't care what time it really is

  10. Zap PRAM to refresh you Mac

  11. Pete is full of really bad puns

  12. People sleeping on the couch wake up after people who live there

  13. You don't have to start a blog to be cool

  14. Don't only tell Jay when your birthday is

  15. Never battle parkers alone

  16. Keep deodorant everywhere

  17. Get extra body condiments

  18. Locate where your iTunes really are

  19. Don't rely on DSL

  20. Odwalla bars are good and good for you

  21. Punxsutawney Phil is one confused little groundhog

  22. The only reason you should ever tuck anything into your underwear

  23. Cats make good bug catchers

  24. How to auto-mount a server in OS X

  25. Things not to say while watching football

  26. Scotch Tape on a keyboard is fun

  27. Use only trusted eyebrow waxers

  28. Don't comment if your friend didn't

  29. Grease is good for leather

  30. Use paper towels when opening bathroom doors

  31. Italian dressing to spices up veggies

  32. How to lighten a color in Illustrator

  33. Pretend you have a Valentines date

  34. Velcro helps cover unwanted…em…gaps

  35. Take a shower for a quick idea

  36. It is easy to burn fondue

  37. Some cellphones don't understand the term silent

  38. Don't keep beef in the fridge for more then a week

  39. iChatStatus makes you cool

  40. Ovens are hot

  41. Double stick tape does wonders on a hem

  42. Keep and extra key somewhere

  43. Be on the lookout for good free MP3s

  44. Jury duty sucks

  45. LiveType can actually be pretty cool

  46. you don't have to title all in one place

  47. Don't get a girls number by pretending you want to buy her car

  48. The Navy can help you uncomplicate™

  49. There are things your foot just won't do

  50. Call short pants capries

  51. Don't paint with the windows closed

  52. Email is a good place to make notes to yourself

  53. Enjoy freedom of speech

  54. Make per diem work for you

  55. Tape middle-schoolers in their room

  56. Be good to your teachers

  57. Don't leave a guy handcuffed then walk away

  58. Take care when placing Styrofoam cups

  59. Don't catch on fire then look in a mirror

  60. Someone will kick over a drink placed on the floor

  61. Don't limit yourself to the original use of olive oil dispensers

  62. Teaching in Fayette County reduces your snow days

  63. Drink lots of water

  64. It's easy to make up your own holiday

  65. Peppers and eyes don't mix well

  66. Footwear makes a great barrier for tacks

  67. Run on the tips of your foot to stretch out you legs

  68. Timezones don't follow any real rules in Indiana

  69. Don't miss Jule's birthday

  70. You can have fun with bright flashes of light and almost asleep roommates

  71. Flirting can be taken in many different ways

  72. Theamed ties aren't usually cool

  73. How to always pick winning iCaps

  74. Don't run to the doctor at the first sign of funk

  75. Who would you rather be in a hot tub with?

  76. Gum doesn't go through the wash well

  77. You actually need to study for the GRE

  78. Ham basting is similar to hand moisturizing

  79. whisper things to friends on the phone

  80. Exercise your toes by picking things up with them

  81. Keep track of time changes to avoid waking up early for church

  82. Body wash will not wash away testosterone

  83. Drink water to take more "breaks" at work

  84. Males should never wear fleece pants

  85. Flower colors complicate things

  86. How to iron by not ironing

  87. Take extra care when waking someone from a coma

  88. How to take care of long wet hair fast

  89. Waste time by driving around a new town without a map

  90. Pepper shakers make good taco props

  91. Small incremental cleaning can help avoid a big mess

  92. It is possible to avoid sneezing & sneeze on demand

  93. There are many ways to look silly while running

  94. Work is all mental

  95. Chad has no idea how to play poker

  96. New dark towels tend to bleed

  97. If you say "it'll be fine" it won't

  98. There is a reason a ladder that those last two rungs

  99. It will rain at Ichthus

  100. Lugging your luggage sucks

  101. And today's tips is, you might have a 99 day streak on getting a tip posted on time that streak will break eventually. Combine that with some miscalcuation on when your 100th tip really occurs and you'll have to fudge it by making your 100th tip your 101st tip. You can always make up for it by adding a cool new feature, like a link to a cool 100% legally free MP3.


Stephanie said…
Those were some fine in-a-nutshell summaries. I feel like I just finished the "Take-Home Message" portion of a really, really long convention. Only this is a fun one. ;-)
Rachel C. Clay said…
Love this tip! You'd make a great teacher Pete! Thanks for the review!

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