Flower Tip of the Day

Flowers are a wonderful surprise for a girl to receive. Despite all the nay-sayers cynics who say, "Why give something that dies right there on the desk in front of you?," I think it's extremely swoon-worthy and a classic example of chivalry. However, guys, if you aren't completely sure she knows how you feel about her and you have the slightest notion that she might have other guy friends with the same first name, make sure you include first AND LAST name on the card or at least include some kind of inside joke or message that only you would write. This applies to using initials as well. One cannot always rely on handwriting--since the FTD person sometimes signs the card with the requested message.

Girls, if you ever get the flowers with a message signed with a fairly generic message and signed only with a first name (and it could be from one of two gentlemen), then by all means, call the florist. They might at first tell you that it's confidential, but explain your predicament and they should be able to help. It's certainly better than thanking the wrong guy (wince).


JCo said…
Something tells me you have received a card with only a first name and a mightly common name at that. :-)

I have received flowers with no name on the card. I did manage to track down the sender though!

Remember the high school days when you buy carnations for friends, interests and such around February I think. And what did all those different colors mean again? Pink, yellow, red, white!
Stephanie said…
:-) Funny, I'd forgotten about those! While my grown-up opinion of carnations now is that of Jennifer Lopez's boss in the Wedding Planner ("Here, take this ugly flower..."), in high school they were coveted items to have as you walked through the halls around holidays!

Simple High School Meanings:
White-Uhhh, not sure.
Green (St. Patty's day)-luck?

Grown-Up messages:
CARNATION (PINK)-I'll Never Forget You
CARNATION (RED)-My Heart Aches For You, Admiration
CARNATION (PURPLE)-Capriciousness
CARNATION (STRIPED)-No, Refusal, Sorry I Can't Be With You, Wish I Could Be With You
CARNATION (WHITE)- Sweet and Lovely, Innocence, Pure Love, Woman's Good Luck Gift
CARNATION (YELLOW)-You Have Disappointed Me, Rejection
Stephanie said…
p.s.-Oh, yes, I totally thanked the wrong guy for a beautiful arrangement sent with a very common first name on the card. Not one of my finer moments!
vander said…
How the plant is presented is an important clue to the motive of the sender, as well.

1. one long stemmed flower, by itself means "I bought this at a gas station in a hurry because I know I'm in HUGE trouble" or "Funny, this particular flower looks just like your neighbors' prized tulips...but I swear I didn't just pick it as I walked by". If it's wrapped in a damp paper towel, he got it from his mom & probably still lives with her, so run away quickly.

2. Arrangement in glass vase more than 2 feet tall means either "I never meant to hurt you - she means nothing to me - it's over, I swear" or the florist mixed up your $12.95 daisies with a funeral delivery.

3. Perhaps the most important form of floral affection is the potted plant. A friend of mine went on a first date around Christmas and her escort presented her with a potted poinsettia. I explained to her that this was serious - a plant with roots, kids, means permanence. Six months later I attended their wedding. And they all lived happily ever after.
Jay said…
OK, just want to get my facts straight. If it's a no-occasion-just-want-to-be-a-sweet-guy event, is it appropriate to just have a single flower? And, for a truly romantic event, I feel like potted plants would be, well, um, not romantic. But, I could be wrong! It just seems like you have to go with the stereotypical rose deal when it's very formal. Ladies?
Jay said…
BTW...did anyone see Alias last night?! That first scene was HORRIBLE! VERY gratuitious and unnecessary.
Stephanie said…
I will complicate this discussion (since that's what we girls like to do sometimes) by saying the flower type/situation just depends on the girl. :-)

When it all comes down to it, the right boy presenting flowers with the right motive eclipses what kind of flowers they are ;-) The boy showing up on your doorstep with an impromptu visit bearing newspaper-wrapped flowers from the farmers' market works well too. (ah, memories!).

Vandermolen, your rules crack me up, esp. #2! And you easily can tell a gas station rose from a florist one, can't you!? :-) I'm sooo with you there. The potted plant story was sweet. A thought on potted indoor plants: make sure they aren't poisonous to any pets she might have in the house.

Jay--Um, ALIAS? Boy, that was a tangent or what? :-) Nope, didn't see that part, and it sounds like it was a good thing that I didn't.
vander said…
Okay, okay. Single stem flowers are nice. Unless you have to carry the thing around for hours on a date while it gets all wilty and droopy. But I draw the line at those fake ones that are velvet covered and double as a ring box. Just say no.

And, I must confess, I really don't like potted plants. I can't even keep carrot sticks alive in my fridge, much less a poinsettia (in or out of the refrigerator). Perhaps some nice cilantro? Basil, anyone?
JCo said…
This is hilarious today. So glad everyone is fun on this rainy day!

As for Alias - YES totally gross 1st scene. Unfortunately I just couldn't look away. I found myself still watching it because I wanted to know what exactly would happen to the guy. YUCK!
Rachel C. Clay said…
Hmmm..interesting discussion. Cannot imagine getting flowers and having to guess which guy it is from. :) I think I am missing out!
I love flowers, and I have to admit, carnations are one of my favorites although sterling silver roses are my absolute favorite (feel free to pass that bit of information along to anyone who might be interested in buying my flowers!)
I can do without potted plants though as I am also horrible at keeping them alive.
Alias--yea, that was so cool gruesome. Loved it! How did they do that anyway media men?
Was it rainy in KY today? So sorry to hear. It was beautiful in Florida. :)
Pete said…
Wew, that's alotta comments.

One thing I must say, being on the guys side and just being totally confused by what every type and color and amount and container of flowers, that I'm just left confused. =-0 I don't even know what "Capriciousness" means anyway. (And no a dictionary didn't help)

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