Running Tip of the Day

Top 10 ways to look silly/crazy when running.

10. Wear shorts below 50 degrees
9. Make your arms do pinwheels when you run downhill
8. When running with your boyfriend/girlfriend, hold hands the whole time.
7. Run carrying a WALKman
6. Start skipping whenever you get tired
5. Make sure your socks are pulled up all the way to your knee caps and stop to pull them up whenever they fall down.
4. Concentrate really hard, never step on a crack.
3. Look around like you're paranoid that someone will see/catch you.
2. Sing along REALLY loud with your MP3 player (I mean walkman)
1. Every time you have to wait at a light to cross the street, dance along with the music that only you can hear. Not just a little, but that all out "I'm home alone and no one is watching" type dancing.

by: K-Ris


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