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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Body Tip of the Day

This one's for the girls. If you don't have time to dry your semi-long to long damp hair after your shower in the morning, twist it up into a low bun with a ponytail holder. Try to twist and roll it the same direction so you won't end up with what looks like a dent in your hair later. After a few hours, let your hair out and you'll have body and curls in your hair throughout some of the day. Plus you will get to re-experience the scent of your shampoo.


Blogger Jay said...

Here's a problem I find myself encountering. Obviously most of you know that my hair differs in length and craziness, and this differing necessitates the use of different stylilng goos and gunks. But these gunks require differing levels of hair dampness to be effective. Most mornings, I shower, then eat breakfast to allow my hair to naturally dry before gunking up. But, what should I do on mornings where I have to shower and immediately add goo? Am I stuck with improperly goo'd hair? Maybe I could bring my goo to work with me... Hm....

10 April, 2005 01:47

Blogger vander said...

Jay, clearly your best bet is to adhere some sort of goo-dispenser to the interior roof of your car. Then, amidst all that pesky rural traffic, you can have your own salon-on-wheels. Hair not dry enough? Stick your head out the window first.

It's hard to stay humble, being this smart.

10 April, 2005 23:30

Blogger JCo said...

Vander Molen, I love your comments girl. I find you most entertaining! :-)

Now, Steph, what if you just happen to have hair that dents if you do ANYTHING with it? Any suggestions?

11 April, 2005 08:26

Blogger Stephanie said...

Jen, I have extra-denty hair myself, but I've perfected this technique of twisting it and applying the ponytail holder such that a couple hours later, it falls out of the bun without a dent. Maybe only leave yours in for an hour or so.

Here is my comment that I tried to make last night, but blogger wasn't being nice:

One should never ever settle for anything, especially "improperly goo'd" hair! You can just have your Hairgum On The Road or, even better, just add some pomade to the drawer at work that contains the emergency deodorant, antibacterial gel, and safety pins. :-) Just don't leave it in the car on a warm day--I can imagine that would be much more distressing than the errant sweet tea in your cupholder.

11 April, 2005 09:21

Blogger Rnutt said...

Jen--I have to say, I am with you. My hair takes whatever shape I put it into. I think we are just doomed to get up early enough every day to actually do our hair. Or hope that we will always look good with ponytails and hair in a bun all day!

11 April, 2005 14:19

Blogger JCo said...

Rach - we are totally in the same boat. I always think "if I can just have the ponytail holder on the loose side all will be ok" and I still get dents. Good thing Peter likes a ponytail! :-)

11 April, 2005 16:22


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