Cleaning Tip of the Day

Cleaning is already a big enough of a pain, why make it any bigger than it already is? You know you'll need to clean the bathroom again in the future, why not leave some paper towels and other cleaning accessories under the sink. That way when it needs a quick touch up you don't have to romp halfway the house just to dig up some Comet. This is especially helpful if your house has stairs.

The added bonus of having two or three of everything in the house, is when that toilet really needs to be cleaned and you're all out, there is still some bowl cleaner somewhere in the house. This tip works great for cookies as well.


Stephanie said…
(I thought everyone did this with cleaners. OK, maybe it's just forward-thinking girls. ;-) )

So how many places do you have cookies stashed?
Kris said…
Steph, you weren't wrong. We do that!

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