Travel Tip of the Day

So you're planning on taking a trip this summer? Or maybe not, but you will someday. Most of us will be in a plane at some point in our lives, so why not take a lesson or two from our good friends in "Lost".
  1. Wear comfortable clothes on the plane, and when I say comfortable, could you wear them for weeks and weeks on end before you get rescued? Comfortable shoes?
  2. Keep your carry-on close to you at all times, and make sure to have the essentials you need packed in there such as toothpaste, toothbrush, and make-up of course, I mean gosh, if you have a baby on the island, you don't exactly want your baby to think you don't care about your looks!
  3. Finally, always travel with a small device that has GPS so that you're not lost for good.


Jay said…
Kris, I would like to congratulate you on finding a link to the world's UGLIEST graphics ever made with you link to the GPS information. CHECK OUT HOW UGLY THESE GRAPHICS ARE! They look like they were created in 1982 when only 16-color graphics cards existed. Gee whiz.
Stephanie said…
Comfortable shoes should also be the kind you can wear with socks and that slip on & off easily. I did sandals yesterday, which were comfortable for walking, but I didn't think ahead, so I had the horrifying moment of having to walk barefoot through security on nastified carpet. I was having all sorts of bacterial what-ifs congealing in my mind. Socks and shoes are also good for cold airplanes. And probably walking through the woods on an island, come to think of it.
Kris said…
Ah yes, shoes that you can slip off easily are always a good thing for getting through security. Flip flops, however, are not good when you have 10 minutes to make it all the way across Chicago International Airport!
Jules said…
Thanks for linking to the page for the upcoming Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johanssen sci-fi thriller, The Island. That was a nice plug. Saw a great (different) trailer for it before Lords of Dogtown. We must go see that. If only for the fact that the Obi-Wan beard is gone.

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