Foot Tip of the Day

Do you ever get toe cramps, where one or more toes attempt to contort themselves into a pretzel and stay that way (not this kind)? Theories range on what causes this: It could be anything from an electrolyte imbalance (sodium and potassium) from sweating and dehydration, muscle fatigue, overexertion, lack of fitness, or even genetics. Drinking a lot of water, eating well to get the right balance of electrolytes, progressing gradually when increasing the intensity or duration of your exercise, and stretching the offending areas can help fend off these cramps, according to doctors. I've also heard that eating bananas will help (there's some of your Potassium, kids), and apparently you can do foot exercises too, to fend off the painful cramps.


Jay said…
Schurch, thanks for this! Kids, further proof that drinking lots of water is good for the body and soul. Does anyone else get an upset stomach from eating bananas? Or am I just crazy?

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