Mate Tip of the Day

Who or WHAT steals the mates to our socks when they come out of the dryer? The world may never know. I feel like every time I do laundry I'm missing at least one sock. Rather than getting mad, I decided to get even (to my socks.) I have a large repository of "mateless" socks that I keep. So, anytime another sock turns up missing, I'll check it against my extensive database. I have actually matched a few socks back up this way -- sometimes I think the dryer just gives you your socks back late! In addition, if you have a lot of running/athletic socks, some may get worn out, and you can just replace them with one of the socks in your arsenal. In addition, mateless socks can be used to dust with! Just put them over your hand and you've got a fantastic dusting brush!


Kris said…
That's a really good thing for running socks...especially if you consistently buy the same kind!
Jay said…
Where is the Redeemed website? I don't even know... We would do it if someone wanted us to!

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