Drying Tip of the Day

The "Moisture Sensing" feature on your drying is pretty awesome, it works much like the "Popcorn" button on your microwave. It will keep running until your clothes are dry and then stop, without wasting electricity or over drying. But, as in the same way the "Popcorn" button doesn't work for those new mini bags of popcorn, neither does the "Automatic" setting work if you only have a few clothes in the dryer. It'll think they're dry, but when you go to check, they will still be a little moist. Just stick your pants in for a good hour, you can't "over dry" anyway.


Jay said…
Good calll, One Touch Cook. Good tip. This feature is one I feel I couldn't live without. (That's an exaggeration, but that's why they call me hyperbolic Jay!) Still, every time I use it, I'm afraid of what would happen if the moisture sensor failed to work, and my clothes caught fire! Could this happen??
Jay said…
Don't you think we should always call Pappy One Touch Cook?
Stephanie said…
I didn't know there was a "moisture sensing" feature on dryers. Huh. Who knew? I guess it's because my dryer is quite possibly older than I am. Did you know that old dryers might be the source of mystery rust on clothes? Anyway, that was nearly off topic, but I wanted to link to it since tip o day readers just might have missed the links for which I looked so hard last week! ;-)

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