The Cheapskates Guide to Parsimony Part III

Skimp Away
Haircuts—OK, maybe this is another guy thing, but for many of us there is just no compelling reason to spend $40 to have someone cut, wash and blow-dry our hair. Finding a special coupon at Great Clips for a $5 haircut is a lot better. Unless, of course, you have a particular reason for sticking with your current stylist. Or you're just metro.

Pay the Piper
Shoes—Let's face it. Your feet affect all of you. They're the only two contacts with the ground most of us have, and foot problems often become back problems, and before you know it, you're in traction, all because you cheaped out on your shoes. As Jay posted earlier, you just have to find a good store and good shoes and quit complaining.

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Jay said…
Once again, Dark Scrivener, I think I might disagree, SLIGHTLY. I used to get my hair cut at Five and Dimes in Nich Vegas. I sort of put up with the legal smoking inside the salon for $8. But, they raised their price to $10 now. For $15, I can get my hair cut by a trained stripper at an exotic place called "The Color Room." To me, it's worth it. Now, I'm not going to Planet Salon or anything like that, but you'd be surprised at what your money could buy if you shop around. Shoes, yes, I agree. Especially for running. Shoes are definitely something where you get what you pay for. Pete and I both bought a pair of shoes that were like $18 and didn't look TOO much like plastic, but now as they wear out, they look more and more like a bad happy meal toy.
Kris said…
I have to second Jay on this. Bad hair cuts can easily happen when trying to save a buck! If possible, I'm a fan of the "mom" cut!
Jules said…
Memories of cheap haircuts gone bad made me shudder as I read this post, thus causing me to agree with Jase and Kris. HOWEVER, that group of three represents those who are either female or metro. So, I believe that the DS was covered in his disclaimers. Should my boss get his 1/2 inch hair cut as cheaply as possible? Yes. But not advisible for everyone.

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