The Cheapskates Guide to Parsimony Part II

We continue our exclusive 5 part series on saving money with another thing you can skimp on and one that's worth poning up the extra dough.

Skimp Away:
Paper towels—Yes, there are a lot fancier types of paper towels out there than the generic, $2 for three rolls kind you find buried in the middle of the Wal-Mart aisle. You can get 'em with varied sizes, pretty pictures, or the ability to hold an entire bunch of grapes while wet. But how often do you really use a paper towel as a collander? For more than 90 percent of your paper-towel needs, I bet that the cheap brand will work just as well. And if one won't do, just grab another. Or five, if you're especially messy.

Pay the Piper:
Saltines—I have said it before and I will say it again: Seventy-seven-cent saltines are no bargain. Step up to a good name brand like Premium or Zesta and get the crispness you crave, without undue crumbling and staleness. Premium doesn't include the nifty double-twist-tie that they used to, but it's still much better than the cheap IGA home team.

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