Fly Tip of the Day

So, we know that some people are more prone to forgetting to zip up their flies than others. I've compiled a few ways to tactfully tell a gentleman that his fly is down, with a touch of humor. This is only if you don't have a shirt like this or a hat like this that will automatically make them check. Remember, it is best to say these things in a discreet manner as to not alert the entire fellowship hall about the situation.

Let's get the tried and true ones out of the way:
  • XYZ (eXamine Your Zipper)
  • Barn door's open

And some new ones just for kicks:

  • You've got Windows in your laptop
  • You've got a security breach at Los Pantalones
  • Ensign Hanes is reporting a hull breach on the lower deck, Sir!
  • Jason, you know that thing that you always forget about, well it happened again

Now kids, I had some help from a very, very funny site. I've left out the borderline-shady ones. But if you care to do more research, click here. If you have others, feel free to add them.

--Peter Cook also contributed to this report


Jay said…
OMG - best tip ever. I expect to hear some of these from you, my friends, very soon! Steph, you links for tactfully, and fellowship hall cracked me up! I'm surprised you didn't mention our earlier "code" for addressing this issue! :-)
Stephanie said…
OK, I have to comment (if for no other reason than it has said, "1 Comments" all day, which is driving me nuts)!

Jay--*cough, wink* [insert code phrase here] *cough, wink*
Jay said…
I know, Steph. Commenting is at an unprecedented all-time low! We'll just have a little convo here.
JCo said…
I can comment on the fact that a water main was busted in Winchester today and Palmer Engineering had no water, which meant no working bathrooms and no AC. It has been a fun work day. Glad I remembered the deodorant! And thankfully the water returned about 0.5 hour ago! Yeah!
Stephanie said…
Ah, Jen, and you had Pete & Jay's tip about stowing deodorant in the drawer just in case you forgot, right? ;-)
Rachel C. Clay said…
This tip was so awesome. Steph, great job! And so appropriate that Jay was the first to comment because I must say I have been witness to some interesting interactions where others have "tactfully" tried to let Jay know...only with him you just got to tell him cause the hints don't always work. :)

Oh, and commenting may be partially down because the teachers are out and not glued to their computers anymore. :)

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