Free Tip of the Day

Hey, are you thinking to yourself, I thought all of Pete & Jay's Tips were free? Well there are, but this one is about getting free stuff! May stores, especially along the office and electronic varieties are in harsh competition with each other. So they send out all those sunday circulars. Well hidden with many of those are genuine free stuff. That's right, they'll actually let you but something and then give you the full purchase price back via a check and an overly complex process in only 6 to 8 weeks (aka. half of forever). It is things like this as to why Pete & Jay have more black CDs then we'll use in the foreseeable future. It also makes for a great after church activity. But get there easly cause many items sell out quickly. Office Max is one of my personal favorites, and you don't have to even buy the paper, every store has the weekly ad on their website. Or you can take the easy route and check dealnews and


Anonymous said…
Another great way to get free useless stuff is by going to tourist info centers and at the ones in Kissimmee, FL they have bags of free stuff. These do not consist of free paper but they have free samples of shampoo, lotion and yummy Oreo like snacks. So if your running low on shampoo or planning a trip that you would like to have miniaturized things of that nature this is not only a great way to get free stuff but it is also big fun.

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