Gorging Tip of the Day

If you're like me, and I doubt ANYONE is ;-), you love swimming--any time and any place. In fact, you may love swimming so much that you're willing to sacrifice others' safety for even a quick dip. So, my tip would be this. When picking a campsite at the gorge, though you may have found the perfect one, just make sure people can lug their sleeping bags, hiking gear, toiletries, comforters, tents, primping accouterments, hairdryers, speedos and the like across. Now, no one will deny that we had the world's most perfect campsite, and while we did escape unscathed, it probably wasn't smart to force our colleagues across a river and down a ravine at night :-). But in the words of my dear friend Julie, "they thought we were crazy, but we made a memory."


vander said…
Jay, this is more common than you might think. It does not merely affect swimmers. Example: let's say it's yesterday and you're on an all-day photo shoot for work. And let's say that, in order to get the perfect shot of a certain building across the river, you find yourself scaling rocks on the non-existent shoulder of a curvy rural highway because you can't see over the trees. As another coal truck shoots past and your shoes crunch through broken beer bottles, you think to yourself, "Self, this might not be the brightest thing we've ever done."

I confess that I stood up on my little ledge pretending to fiddle with the camera for a few minutes (while speeding truckers gawked at me, I'm sure) because I could not figure out how the crap I was going to climb back down and did not want to fall down in front of unfamiliar motorists. I made it though. Nary a scratch. And the photo is lovely.
Kris said…
Oh, but the swimming was great!
Jay said…
Maybe I should rethink my tip into being something like this. "Sometimes the best experiences include a little sacrifice, a little blood, sweat and tears." I think I like that better. It sounds like a better way to live your life.

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