Spilling Tip of the Day

It happens to the best of us. Somehow somewhere we will spill a drink, or $12 tub of popcorn. Don't worry about it if you just dropped $10 worth of your $12 popcorn on the floor: most places clean the floor at least every other day. You can scoop it back and and be good to go. Ok, not really. But seriously, if you do spill your food or drink on the floor most every place will give you a replacement free of charge. Its really quite wired. For some reason they figure that if they over charged you by 400% they should provide something that almost looks like customer service. It's pretty incredible. And believe me, I have spilt stuff all around the country, I have never had them turn me down. When I worked at Universal Orlando they even told us this little trick. If you see someone spill something, help them out.


Stephanie said…
Is it wired or weird? :-) I guess both adjectives will work. This totally beats eating popcorn off the floor, which is often cinemuck contaminated.
Jules said…
Peter shared this info with me (too late, but he tried) after I spilled my $4 pink lemonade at the ballpark a few weeks ago. I was so irked, I was still talking about it the next day. Next time my klutziness takes over my gross motor skills I will remember this...

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