Plagiarism Tip of the Day

So, you've cashed in on our tip about finding free CDs and DVDs, and well, now you have approximately 800 blank CDs and you're afraid that they're going to run out of style before you can use them all. So here are some suggestions on how to use them, thanks to JewelBoxing:
  • Totally legal backup copies of your music and movies for your personal use only
  • Song you recorded about your ex-girl/boyfriend
  • Mostly 1's and 0's
  • 40 million credit card numbers
  • a really sappy video triute to my dad
  • blackmail photos from the offic eChristmas party
  • The trip to Alaska where the "unfortunateness" happened
  • 1,029 "borrowed" albums
  • Your friend's reel, which you're passing off as your reel
  • More proof of the moon landing hoax
  • The alphabet! on disc!
  • All of my different versions of helvetica
  • Photos of youy rusty metal object collection
  • The stuff you did in the 90's that used to be on my Zip Drive™
  • Images of painted buildings in southern spain
  • Karaoke practice mixes
  • Bagpipe loops
  • 134,965 reasons why she/he should still love you
  • Old mix tapes from college
  • Irrefutable bigfoot evidence
  • Collection of angry letter sent to the editors of "modern shovel"
  • Instructions that must not fall into the hands of mr. Bond
  • Anaswers to questions no one's asking
  • Emergency airplane signaling device
  • Your life's work, condense to 4 gig
  • Multimedia! Multimedia! Multimedia!
  • A very complex cd-based blog/diary hybrid
  • Irritating flash designs
  • Longhorn Beta
  • "Poop Into Water" documenatary
  • Songs about animals to play during your daughter's birthday party
  • Maracroni Art Portfolio
  • Investor presentation for the Candy Corn Store
  • The Art of War (hi-tech kidz edition)
  • The best televsion static ever
  • Screen tests for screenplay mom has has promis
  • Archives of all teh designes the client didn't pick.
  • Crickets, Strounds Run Sate Park, Athens, OH, 9/18/04, disc four
  • "Bear Attack" rough edit
  • Priceless puppet show footage
  • A reminder of your shiny object addiction
  • It shall be reeavled in 2048!
  • The world's funniest home video
  • The PowerPoint presentation that will make 'em all pay
  • Books on ape on disc
  • Yor shiny emo band's first single
  • The "Why you should revoke the restraining order" DVD
  • Slow motion footage of standing still
  • Disc backup of your tape backup
  • Your collection of daytime TV brawls
  • collection of *your* daytime TV brawls
  • Private eye evidence presentations
  • Obsessive slideshow of your drive to the movie theater
  • Renaissance Fair memories 1984
  • My animated Star Wars figure movies
  • Backup of the entrie internet incase it breaks
  • Photos of my place before and after tearing out those walls
  • Sith from a guy in phill with a handicam
  • bootleg recordings of your favorite cover band
  • "Forgotten power ballads of the 80s"
  • Pictures of your daughter for her grandparents
  • Pictures of your grandparents for your daughter
  • Slideshow indoex of all your baby toys and clothes, for posterity
  • 1000 photos of your new car
  • "Fire Ants: A History"
  • Your Rock Opera
  • Collection of secret family recipes
  • Civil War Reenactment Video: Vicksburg
  • Badly focused photos of sunburned people that your cousin took on his cruise
  • Itally 2000, Chicago 2001, Itally 2002, Itally 2003, Itally 2004, Itally 2005
  • Rescanned color slides from the eearly 70's of a family vacation in yellowstone
  • A shiny new version of my favorite ska mix tape, finally bured to CD
  • System Software 7.1 and MacPaint
[Once again, thanks to JewelBoxing with their this hillarious ad, and a half hour of my lunch break for making this tip possible. Here's to hoping we don't get sued!]


Jay said…
Wow, Pete. I'm glad I know what to do with my CD-Rs now. I was really worried about it until today.
Jay said…
keyser, you're so right. That was seriously such a fun night. And we ended up not even watching a movie at the theater did we? I should post those pictures on the site...hmm... Honestly, kids, here's a tip. Make a photo essay of something otherwise mundane, and shoot it artistically. It will become epic. So cool.
vander said…
You could also use your CD-Rs the way my dad does. String them up in your fruit trees to scare away birds. (This also works with pie tins.)

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