The Cheapskates Guide to Parsimony Part V

This is the last in our five part series on skimping. Thanks to Dark Scrivener for this excellent guide!

Skimp Away
Ramen—This could have been lumped in with the others one item up, but it represents a key point: Yes, the difference between name brand and generic is only two cents in the case of ramen, but that's 20 percent of the total cost! Real cheapskates need to keep the big picture in mind.

Pay the Piper
Pseudonyms—If you're going to pick a pseudonym, at least pick a decent one. Spend some time with it before releasing it on the world [PG-13 Link, don't say we didn't warn you]. I mean, the Dark Scrivener? Please.

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Stephanie said…
This has become one of those rare days when I'm actually stifling hunger pangs for ramen. Thanks.

Pseudonyms: I did the combine-part-of-your-name-with-your-road-name for a pseudonym on a story once. It ended up sounding pretty stupid, once it was released upon the world (scary link, by the way!). Looking back, I wish I'd spent some more time with it. But that's the great thing about pseudonyms. They're fluid and no one has to know you're the same individual under a new one. ;-)Hey, you could have been the "effulgent scribe" or something. Dark Scrivener has much more of a ring to it.
Jay said…
Remember the whole bit where you use your middle name and the name of the street on which you grew up to make your soap opera or porn star name? (You can use your pet's name too.) I'd be Nathaniel Dogwood, or Shadow Dogwood. I think those sound pretty scriverific. :-) Don't forget that any good pseudonym needs to maintain an air of mystique. That's what's so compelling about Dark Scrivener. He sounds a little shady, a little intelligent, a lot gothic.
Jay said…
Almost forgot a really funny ramen story/prank. When I was in college (OMG, I sound like I'm 40) a good friend of mine was drinking some root beer and got up to get something. While she was out, I emptied a beef ramen flavor pack into her root beer. (And spilled like half of it on my hands.) Unfortunately, she knew something was up either by the smell, or by our sheepishness. But, I got paid back for this because the beef flavor seeped into my hands and fingers, and I promise I smelled artificial beef for weeks. I was like gagging it was so nasty. To this day I cannot eat beef ramen! EEEEWWWW. I do have to say, ramen always reminds me of my freshman and sophomore roommate Phil. Phil, if you're out there - thanks for the good ramen-eating times!

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