Stain Tip of the Day

So, you're doing laundry, and you take your once-worn favorite new shirt out of the washer, only to find that the mystery rust got it. I haven't a clue why it happens (especially with a relatively new washer), but sometimes you get these light rusty looking spots on your clothes when you wash them, even when you don't have momentary amnesia and leave them in the washer for half the day. Maybe it's the brass/metal buttons or rivets on jeans? Who knows. Anyway, it's a source of distress for me and I recently fought back, successfully. Once upon a time an ex-boyfriend, who had witnessed one of my ingenious moments of grape juice spillage on my clothes showed up on my doorstep with a bouquet of flowers and a little yellow bottle labeled Carbona Stain Devils (romantic AND practical). These little compounds are made for different types of stains--everything from red wine and grape juice to crayons and coffee. I successfully used ink pen and red wine stain devils, and recently I resurrected the idea by buying the rust stain devil. It worked wonders, in only about 10 minutes. My favorite new shirt is like new again. :-) Find the stain devils on any laundry aisle at your local grocer.


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