TV Tip of the Day

TV really does rot your brain, I have to say. You can partially reverse the hypnosis by always, always ignoring commercials. You can mute them, but it's hard to know when to un-mute the TV without watching it. And you can get sucked in to the closed captioning before you know it. For a week or so in my house, we made the rule that during commercial breaks we had to learn something. So we'd flip to educational television for two minutes at a time. Phrases like "epistemological epiphany" would not be in my vocabulary if it wasn't for that exercise. (Don't ask me what that means, because I'll have to look it up and pretend I remembered.)


Jules said…
Nice idea - despite my adamant denial that TV is rotting my brain. And the fact that the only thing I watch on KET is Arthur (the animated aardvark).

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