The Cheapskates Guide to Parsimony Part IV

Skimp Away
Milk, Shredded Cheese and Packaged Vegetables—Do I really need to say anything here? There is really no difference between a name brand of any of these and the store brand, so save yourself some money! The list could go on here, of course.

Pay the Piper
Tips—I didn't really mean this kind of tip, but that works too. Only get the best quality tips from Pete & Jay! But what I really meant was the sort of tip you give a waitperson. Those of you who have worked in foodservice or have friends who do already know this, but please don't be stingy with your tipping. These people are trying to earn a living, too, and they're counting on 15 percent. If the person is slow and gives unimpressive service, start there. If she gives great service and slips you her phone number, go at least to 20. This is absolutely essential if you obviously pray before your meal—Christians have a notoriously bad witness through their miserly tipping.

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Stephanie said…
GREAT link for the phone number!! :-P
Jay said…
Because this tip pertains to vegetables, I'll use this platform to pick on our good friend Kyle for a second. Kyle, several months ago, made a resolution to eat healthier food. In fact, when he went to the grocery for us, he said, "I didn't get Hotpockets™ because they're bad for you." Later that night, whilst preparing dinner, I asked, "Kyle, what kind of vegetables should I make?" To which he responded, "Oh, I don't eat vegetables." Peter, aghast, remarked, "What are we, in third grade?" We'll miss you Kyle!

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