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Monday, February 28, 2005

Dating Tip of the Day

Most people are somewhat leary of giving their phone number to complete strangers. But there's one situation in which ANYONE will give their phone number to ANYONE. That's when they're trying to sell their car. We've all seen it, the rusty junker barreling down Nicholasville Road that screams "For Sale, 555-1212."

If you happen to see a hot girl in such a car, do NOT attempt to ask her out by calling the number on her for-sale car, that is, unless you're as interested in the car as you are in her. (In which case, I'd say, "go for it!") You see, there are a whole slew of terrible things that could happen if you do this. Here are several of those. First, keep in mind, you don't know her name. So, what are you REALLY going to say? "Um, I'm looking for the hot girl selling the car...?" Or, what if it's her DAD'S car that's for sale? Then, just say "wrong number!" Another horrible scenario would be that she uses her innate "hotness" to persuade you to buy a car you don't want/need. Then what happens in 3 months when it's a LEMON and leaves you sit on Circle 4? Plus, if you DO end up dating her, with her old junker, she'll HATE riding in the car she was TRYING to get rid of! CONFLICT. See, while it may seem like an easy way to get a girl's digits, this plan is riddled with deceit, conflict, and broken cars.

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Blogger Stephanie said...

Wow! Either you were feeling extra creative here, Jay, or there is a really good story to go along with this one!

28 February, 2005 15:08

Anonymous Kyle said...

hmmm... I definitely would agree to leave the car and the girl inside it alone. I know you're getting desperate, Jason... for a new car... cough, cough...

28 February, 2005 19:59

Blogger austin said...

thats good..I will make sure if I see a hot girl in an old junker in PA that I will not call the girl!

13 March, 2005 21:16


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