Safety Tip of the Day

When you're removing something that you've just broiled (that's using the "broil" setting on your oven, or 500°F, depending on your model, and using the uppermost rack--for steaks, toasting garlic bread, etc.), pull the actual rack out (most of these slide out nicely) and then pick up the dish. It's way too risky to try and stick your oven-mitted hands or potholders in there, maneuvering to get the dish without burning holes in the cloth. Also, some oven mits/potholders smolder and others go up in flames, so just be wary of what's going on at the ends of your arms and try not to be in the middle of an extra-deep conversation while attempting such an endeavor.


Stephanie said…
Actually, it was my mistake that invited this tip. Interestingly enough, a 12-year-old informed me of the drawer-like oven rack feature just as I was burning a hole in her mom's potholder. Kids these days. They're so smart.

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