MP3 Tip of the Day

"It's coming back again! MP-Thursdays from Pepsi and O-ROCK 105.9!" Well you might say "105.9, that used to be WVRB here in Wilmore, but who's O-Rock?" Well O-Rock is an Orlando "New Rock" station and thanks to the power of the internet and the suggestion of a brother living down there we're able to take advantage of this free MP3 situation! Visit O-Rock's site to download this week's free songs.

Last year when they ran this promo it lasted every week for a month and they ended up having some pretty good songs. I got stuff from Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, The Vines, Linkin Park, Evanescence, and they also introduced me to Yellowcard! Ahh, thanks to O-Rock Ocean Avenue is one of my favorite songs! Now I'm not promising the next Coldplay here, but its free and I'll even listen to "It's A Small World" once.

Now as an extra bonus geeky tip: After you download these tracks you'll notice that there's a little "This is O-Rock 105.9" promo at the beginning of each track. If your using iTunes you can set it to skip that opening every-time you listen to those tracks. To do that select the song and go to "File" : "Get Info", click on the "Options" Tab and where it says "Start Time:" type in 0:04 since the O-Rock promo happens to be four seconds long. Do this to every song and from now on when you place those songs it'll skip the O-Rock promo. Hey, I warned you it was geeky.


JCo said…
Peter - If I had an Ipod I think I would really appreciate this tip. Sounds really useful to me, even if it is geeky! :-)

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