Teletiquette Tip of the Day

Make sure you hit the button below "silent" and not any other number on a cell phone when deciding not to answer it after screening your call--whether it be because you're in the middle of a call on your work phone, you're in a situation in which you can't answer it and you should've had the ringer off, or you just simply don't feel like chatting. I once found out the hard way that often times if you hit just about any other button on a cell phone than the "silent" one, you end up answering the phone. Another smart thing is to never make any commentary about anything mildly embarrassing or incriminating if you are lackadaisical with your thumbs and are likely to hit the wrong button.


Heather said…
Steph, I can definitely relate to this tip. If I forget to put my phone on "silent" there's nothing I can do but turn it off or answer. It even answers the phone if I hit the red hangup button. I'm guessing this is a failsafe for those who don't remember that the green button means "talk". One tip that I will add is that if you don't have a flip phone, lock it when you're not using it. For example, you wouldn't want to be driving in the car with your dad talking about how your mom is being "such a drag", while the phone simultaneously dials her at home and she picks up and hears your rantings:).

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