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Need a great idea fast? Turn to your shower head. It's true that some of the best ideas come to folks when they're in the shower. Some think it has something to do with warming your head and brain, but the real reason people can think more clearly in the shower is because they're relaxed. Or, maybe it's because they're naked. And wet. As a side note, I've found that so-called "old lady showers" help even more! They are the showers that are handheld--you can spray wherever you need to to "get 'er done." One of our colleagues, Matt, suggests sitting in the shower, often for hours on end. Give that a try too!


JCo said…
I have had success with ideas when napping - I like this theory too, more for the fact that it is a great excuse to nap rather than the development of super ideas.
Kris said…
I think it is the heat, because the best ideas also come when you're running. And I think for most of us, we're not naked when we're running!
Stephanie said…
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Stephanie said…
I'm curious as to what Matt does about the hot water heater issue, if he likes to sit in there hours on end.

I'm with Rick in thinking that it's a good place for ideas because you turn off your mind to everything else that's competing for your attention and that leaves enough space for ingenuity and creativity to play. Oh, that reminds me. See this awesome FedEx commercial on this topic (sorry, comment thing won't let me hyperlink):

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