Snack Tip of the Day

I have been raving about my recent snack discovery called an Odwalla bar, and was told to post a tip, so here is the 411. Go to your local organic foods store (Good Foods Co-Op or Wild Oats if you are in Lexington), and mozy on down to the the energy bar section. The bars are labeled "Odwalla Bar! nourishing food bar...Whole Fruit & Grains You Can Pronounce." I read through the ingredient list to my roommate, and sure enough, I could pronounce everything, although soy lecithin was a bit of a stretch. Anyway, my favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip Peanut. I've tried about three other flavors and none of them come even close to this one. I have been working on a case that lives in my miscellaneous drawer at work. Another tip: Watch for sales and stock up, because these babies aren't cheap, but they are better for you than most of what we can find in the vending machine at work. Also in the Odwalla line is a wonderful fruit juice blend called "Mo' Betta." It is very tasty and it's supposed to boost your immune system. However, I recommend staying away from the protein drinks (superfood, super protein), because they have a questionable odor and the consistency of wet chalk and paint.


Jules said…
After eating my fair share of protein and energy bars, I'm anxious to try something that doesn't taste like I'm eating my (post-run) sock. I'm putting this on my list for the next time I go to Wild Oats.
Pete said…
Good point Jules, Why don't they name some of those nasty bars what they actually taste like. "Post Run Sock", "Sweaty Shorts", "Did this fall in the toilet", "Dog Food" and "Chalky Flavored Powder".

I also thing Steph's post wins for most hyper links in a single post.

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