iChat Tip of the Day

This little tip is for the few out there who are Mac users (not just eater) and are also using iChat. As you might have noticed, some of your other iChat using friends having cool things come up under their name in the buddy list. You've got iTunes cranking all day, and you know you have the best selection of music ever. Of course you want to tell the world this. Well you can show what song your listening to that second right under you name. The most popular program to accomplish this and other nifty tricks is called iChatStatus. As a double bonus, extra geeky tip: once you get that downloaded and installed if you don't want it announcing that you currently have iTunes "Paused" here's an add on script you can install


Jules said…
Thanks Peter. I used to have this feature and I lost it. I didn't know how to get it back, and was too lazy to bug you about it. But I often think, "I have the best music in the world. I wish everyone else knew that," or about other iChatters on my buddy list "THAT'S what they're listening to?? Puh-lease." :D

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