Tithing Tip of the Day

I don't want to try to ruffle any feathers here, and please know that I have not theologically researched the implications of this post! Recently I've been approached by a few friends who are working in the mission field. I really want to support them, but know that it can get a little costly to support everyone. So, a friend told me that perhaps those donations can "count" toward part of your tithe. My tip is this. If you have people that you want to support, consider splitting your tithe. I think it's important to give the large majority of your tithe to your "home base," the church you call home. But, it seems that helping out some friends who are helping fulfill the Great Commission is a good use of tithe money as well. I welcome lots of comments on this one--do you think it's ok?


Stephanie said…
I've done this and do it currently. I'm not sure how "Biblically sound" it is, but I've done it with a peaceful heart for several years. Yes, most of my tithe goes to Centenary, but World Vision and K-Love factor in each month too, along with the occasional friend who's doing a mission trip. The subject of tithing is very controversial. I think an individual and God should decide what is best for their situation. They should be putting themselves in a place where they are having to trust Him (a willing sacrifice). In certain situations such as if they're in over their head in credit card debt, I don't think the 10% off the top of their salary is necessarily required and there's a moral obligation to paying off that debt in a timely fashion to reduce interest that piles up--an amount that still makes them rely on God would be fine. I'm no theologian, but in my opinion, one should approach God with an honest heart in whatever financial situation they might be and ask Him what is appropriate for their tithe. That being said, I'm going to finish getting ready for church and remember to bring my checkbook. :-)
Kris said…
This is a topic reciently touched on at Southland. They were talking about giving. They were saying that there are two things that you should do with your money in the way of giving. 1. Give to those who are in need 2. Use it to spread God's word.
That is what they do with your money. They said that you just need to give, whether you give to them, or you give to those two causes is not the issue.
I believe it was the talk on Greed.
Pete said…
Jay, I agree with you here. I do the same thing, and sought some advice before I started. So I'm fairly sure that its kosher. Besides, I don't think my church supports missions enough.
Jay said…
I think all of you are quite wise :-) If we don't make it personal--what the Lord prompts us to do--it will be easy to become like a Pharisee. It needs to be about your heart, and your sacrifice. And I also think that as Christians we forget that no matter what church or denomination you go to, we're all doing it for the same God. So as long as your money is given to people to help spread that message, it's going straight to God.

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